Cities We Love To Move

Over the years, there is one thing that has been true, no matter where we move families, we always find ourselves meeting amazing families with incredible stories. We recently had a couple ask us, how many moves have we done and where? We honestly, did not have a number of moves in the our head (there are too many to count since 1908), but we decided it would make sense to begin tracking where we go and commenting about cities we love and why we love visiting these cities.

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Why William C. Huff?

“The combination of great people, quality equipment and top-of-the-line facilities result in a quality, stress-free move for you, your family and your valuables.”
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President of William C. Huff

Professional Staff

Our moving staff is trained to handle your valuable possessions and your home with professionalism and courtesy. Our moves keep your floors clean.

Modern Fleet

We own our own fleet of moving trucks and vans to ensure a clean move in a secure vehicle driven by an experienced employee of William C. Huff.

Climate Controlled

Our state-of-the-art climate controlled Barrington, New Hampshire storage facility securely houses your possessions.