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We have been moving prized possessions, family heirlooms, fragile and delicate materials with our tradition of quality for over a century. What started out in 1908 as a small local moving company in rural Dover, New Hampshire has evolved into a business with locations in Barrington, New Hampshire and Naples, Florida that provides concierge logistics support for high net-worth and ultra high net-worth estate owners and their private service staff.

Our highly trained staff is clearly the reason our partners and customers continue to rely on us. We also take pride in our strides to do our part for a greener world, by upgrading our and recycling and reusing materials, with no sacrifice to our service.

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Stress Free Moving

Moving is ranked number three on the all-time list of stresses a person or family can experience, right behind the death of a loved one and divorce. The number four all-time stress is loss or career change. Coincidentally, moving (stress level three) occurs almost always when someone dies, divorces or changes careers. The last thing a family needs to add to their stress, is to hire the wrong moving company.

At William C. Huff Companies, we take time to train our staff how to help deal with the many stresses of moving. Our office staff is trained to listen to the many reasons why a client is moving, so that we can customize our services to meet each and every client’s unique situation. Our moving and packing staff, are not only trained how to properly handle irreplaceable antiques and expensive artwork, but to also put your mind at ease during the move.


In today’s fast paced world, the word “Trust” has little or no value. People don’t trust that any company is going to care enough to follow-through on what they offer. Whether it’s building a house, buying a car, or hiring a plumber, we all know to expect less than what was promised. The moving and storage industry has one of the worst reputations for not delivering what was expected. Many prime time television shows such as 60 Minutes, Hard Copy, 20/20 and Expose’ have all had documented stories of how homeowners have been swindled with smooth talk and then have entire households disappear. Other instances include valuable antiques broken and the final bill is two or three times the original estimate.

At William C. Huff Companies our entire reputation is based on almost 100% referrals. This means we have to constantly earn the trust of our clients, local businesses and realtors. Our goal is to always be 100% on-time, damage free and on-estimate with what we pack, move and store. We have earned this trust, which enables us to handle some of the most irreplaceable antiques, artwork and furnishings of the most discriminating homeowners.

Neat, Courteous and Professional

Our staff is trained to be polite and courteous from the first phone call until the last furniture piece is carefully placed in your new home. Our moving staff and fleet of vehicles are always neat, professional and the very best in the industry. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised to receive much more from their move with William C. Huff Companies than they have had with any other service company.


While most moving and logistics companies use independent sales people to provide estimates, William C. Huff Companies uses only senior management when providing in-house estimates for moving services. Instead of just giving a quote to make a sale, our estimates for moving and packing are thoroughly and honestly explained to our clients by people with several years experience of actual moving and packing households.


We are available to talk with you about all of our moving & storage services. If you have any questions about what we do and how we can help you, send us a message or give us a call!

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