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When Chicago’s elite designers need impeccable, detailed service for their high end clients, they rely on the elite designer services of William C Huff Companies. For over 100 years, William C Huff Co. has been providing consistent quality services for its’ clients throughout the US. Here are 3 top reasons for using the William C Huff Company.

Top 3 Reasons Chicago Home Designers use William C Huff Co.

    One of a kind, custom made home furnishings need to be inspected for perfection by the warehouse that receives them, prior to the installation. With over 80 years combined experience in inspecting furnishings, the William C Huff staff have the necessary experience that it takes to find even the slightest flaws in fine furnishings so that they can alert the designer in a timely manner. This allows for time to correct the issues, before the new home is ready for installationchicago home designers
    After the fine furnishings have been carefully opened and inspected, it is imperative that these items be stored in a clean, climate controlled  environment until it is time for the installation. Large estate constructions sometimes takes years and furnishings need to be stored properly to avoid mold, mildew and any weather related damage that could occur with non-climate controlled storage. The William C Huff elite designer warehouses are 100% temperature controlled to ensure safe storage.
  3. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATIONThe last impression that elite Chicago designers make with their clients is when the much anticipated house project is finally complete and the interior is outfitted with all the custom furnishings, sometimes from around the world. The highly trained and experienced staff at William C Huff Company always guarantees a lasting impression for the elite designers. No project is too big or too small for the experienced installation staff at William C Huff.

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