Corporate Moving – What To Expect From William C. Huff Companies

When we think of the word corporation we think large, impersonal, and untrustworthy. Large corporations are often seen as greedy and in business just to serve their shareholders. With many corporations the CEOs and upper echelon often make ridiculous amounts of money while the lower tier employees labor away at close to minimum wage.

William C Huff Companies has been a corporation for over 32 years and has a totally different approach to business then many typical corporations. Here is what to expect from the William C Huff Companies corporation:

  • Service from the top down – For over 32 years, owner Jim Henderson has always maintained the protocol of putting the staff first, before serving clients. This philosophy has earned the trust of many, many staff members who have been with the corporation for over 25 years; Accounts Manager Kent Mason has been with the company since the beginning, for 32 years.
  • Trust – By putting the staff first, William C Huff Companies has been able keep long-term staff which has provided second to none service to its clients. Many clients have trusted William C Huff Companies for 32 years! These long-term clients have spread the word about how trustworthy William C Huff Companies is throughout the country.
  • Commitment to environment – While many people view corporations as mostly uncaring about our environment, William C Huff Companies has dedicated hundreds of thousands into creating an almost carbon neutral work environment. Solar, recycling and the lowest emission vehicles on the road: when it comes to environment, the company puts the future of the next generation first.
  • Family first – As a child, Jim did not have a traditional family. In and out of foster families and abusive homes, he has passionately made a “family” environment for all staff, treating everyone with equal respect and ensuring great pay and benefits. Over the years, many staff members know that they are part of a very loved family at William C Huff.

Jim has maintained the attitude “If you don’t like the way people do things, do them differently.” This has served William C Huff Companies very well over the years and has definitely set the company apart from being anything but a stereotypical corporation. As William C Huff Companies continues to grow, the roots will remain the same even though the faces may change over time.