Important Baby Boomer Downsizing Data

baby boomer downsizing data
Gen X and the Millennial’s are ill equipped to handle the downsizing process. Their lives are already complex with careers, children and their own homes.

Here is some important Baby Boomer downsizing data to consider, especially if you are a baby boomer thinking about when to downsize your life.

  • There are over 77 million baby boomers. These baby boomers, now all over 59 years old, have accumulated a lot of possessions and many have accumulated their elderly or deceased parent’s possessions. Their parents typically never got rid of anything and waited until the last minute to downsize, forcing their baby boomer children into inheriting their household.
  • These baby boomers have net assets of over-$30 trillion. The shear value of the items in downsizing baby boomers’ homes is astounding. With so many people downsizing all at the same time, many of these possessions have little or no value because their adult children do not want them, and many Millennials just don’t even have a home to put these things into.
  • About 10,000 of these downsizing baby boomers retire each day. Retirement is usually when homeowners begin to think about downsizing. The number of retirees all downsizing at the same time will put a strain on the moving and storage industry. Downsizing baby boomers almost always need to store and move two to three times in a short three to five-year period, taxing the few reputable moving and storage firms.
  • Downsizing baby boomers need to rely on experienced moving and storage partners. The average tenured William C Huff Companies staff member has more than 12 years of experience within the company. With more than 45 tenured, trained and experienced staff to serve downsizing baby boomers, the company is one of the best in America at meeting homeowner’s needs.
  • Most downsizing baby boomers will be taken advantage of by “fly-by-night” moving companies. Unfortunately, there are many third-party moving companies who basically pay an internet company for moving leads. These companies have little or no experience and their staff are just “off the street” labor. This leaves downsizing baby boomers with damages, losses (stolen items) and frustrations over schedule problems.
  • Data about downsizing baby boomers have been tracked by William C Huff Companies for several years. We have so much data on baby boomers that as they are now beginning to downsize, the company is ready to meet the complex downsizing needs. From experienced staff to storage and even specially design trucks, William C Huff Companies is fully prepared to help downsizing baby boomers.

William C. Huff created a downsizing help service with our partners. These tried and true methodologies simplify the downsizing process for families of all sizes and wealth. We are happy to conduct a free estimate to help you and your family get a plan in place today.

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