3 Ways William C. Huff Helps Boston Elite Designers 

Working with elite interior designers is something not every moving company can do.  Simply put, it requires an immense attention to detail and the patience to make sure every piece is of the utmost quality.  When an elite designer chooses a moving company to work with, they are looking for reliability, a commitment to excellence, and professional movers who can make sure the priceless pieces looks the same in the home as when it was delivered to their warehouse.  William C. Huff Moving and Storage is uniquely qualified for working with elite designers because of the years of experience and training it takes to work with such quality furnishings.

Boston interior designHere are 3 ways that William C. Huff Moving and Storage can help elite Boston Designers in and around the Northeast:

  • William C. Huff New Hampshire has a 20,000 square foot warehousing facility that is up to date with the latest in security systems. When a designer needs a warehouse to land all of their newly purchased items, William C. Huff is the name at the top of their list.  Our open and inspect process is second to none and our highly trained staff knows how to meticulously comb through each piece of furniture to make sure it has arrived in the best of condition.  There is nothing worse as a designer than getting to an install and finding some of the furnishings are scratched, dinged, or chipped.  With the William C. Huff receiving team in charge of the project, every piece is unboxed or uncrated, checked over for imperfections, repacked, and signed off on by one of our staff.  After the piece has been checked off in perfect condition, the designer will receive a quality assurance confirmation from our staff via email, text, or phone call.
  • William C. Huff New Hampshire can help with every part of the installation process, from unboxing and uncrating at the home, moving all furniture into just the right places, and moving all boxed furnishings to the room that they will call home. Need to try that sideboard on a different wall?  No problem, our highly trained movers will stay at the project as long as needed.  Install going long and need another day of moving help?  Our full-time staff is large enough to handle last-minute changes that takes all the stress off the design team.
  • After the installation, after everything has been moved in and found a final resting home, the project is so close to finished. But then, what do we do with all this leftover material, cardboard, foam, and other packing materials?  Not to worry, William C. Huff New Hampshire will take care of all the leftover materials.  All corrugated boxes are recycled here at our warehouse to be given to those families that may not be able to afford new boxes when they have to move.  All other materials, to the greatest extent possible, are also recycled.  Not only will we make all this disappear from the project home, we will put most of it to good use after the fact.

Our job at William C. Huff is to make the job of a design team easier.  Once all the plans are put in place, we are simply the right company to make these plans become a reality.  Our staff has received millions of dollars in fine furnishings in the last year alone, making us uniquely qualified to assist any elite designers that may be in the need of such services.

If this is a service you may find yourself needing, do not hesitate to contact our main office at 800-247-5564 and ask for the warehousing department.  We will be eager to assist you with any needs you may have.

Happy Monday!

Rich in NH


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