Delivery Made Simple. A Example of How We Recently Helped a Boston Designer.

Boston designers work for some of the most affluent families in the country. These families rely on their elite private designers to exceed their expectations for designing furnishings and living environments which reflect the families’ personalities as well as their wealth. After months (sometimes even years) of planning, the ultimate test of how the designer has performed is when all the furnishings are delivered and installed into the new home. There can be zero mistakes when it comes to the final delivery.

delivery made simple

Delivery Made Simple

With many years of experience working with elite Boston designers, William C Huff C Huff White Glove Receiving and Delivery has built a reputation for helping designers simplify their deliveries and installations. Here are the key reasons why William C Huff Companies make delivery made simple for their designers.

  • On Time – Designers typically are under the gun to have their furnishings installed in a very tight time frame. Often the home construction is behind schedule and the homeowner is snapping at the heels of the designers to get into their new home. The first step of a delivery made simple for designers is to be on-time. William C Huff Companies has made hundreds of deliveries more simple by starting and finishing on-time.
  • Prepared – Having all the pieces ready, inspected and organized is key to a delivery made simple. With highly trained warehouse “open and inspect” teams, William C Huff White Glove Receiving and Delivery Companies can alert the designers of flaws and/or damages long before the scheduled delivery dates. This ensures that the items will be perfectly ready for a seamless delivery, made that much more simple.
  • Image – Designers really care about the image that is projected to the homeowner when the delivery company shows up to install their custom furnishings. William C Huff Companies takes extra pride in making sure the trucks and staff are immaculate. Image, to Ultra-High Net Worth estate owners, is their perception of reality. Of course, quality service and proper protocols are expected in addition to the image.

Here is an example of how a recent large delivery for a prominent private Boston designer made the delivery seem simple:

The home was on Nantucket Island and had been under construction for a few years. The delivery was to take place in July, the busiest part of the tourist season for Nantucket Island. Having to secure a ferry months in advance, which could accept three large trucks was no small task. Weights, lengths and widths of the trucks needed to be documented long before the delivery was to be made. Precise timing for travel to make sure, in case of traffic to the ferry, the vehicles would arrive at the appropriate time, otherwise it would be weeks before room could be secured on another ferry.

During this whole process, pieces were being received at one of the William C Huff warehousing facilities right up until the day before the scheduled departure for the ferry. Timely inspections and exact accounts for each every one of the hundreds of pieces was critical. There would not be time to make a second trip on the ferry.

The entire delivery went flawlessly. There were no hiccups and the private Boston designer was thrilled to have their client (who had flown in from Europe for the weekend to see the new home) be impressed with their attention to detail. Needless to say, William C Huff Companies had made yet another challenging delivery simple and problem free!

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