The Difference Between Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator?

The term “interior designer” should not be confused with “interior decorator”.  Although they both accomplish decorating a home, they both do not include designing the interior. Here are a few differences.

interior designer vs interior decorator

  • An interior designer understands the functionality of space and the behavior of the inhabitants and designs the size and shapes of rooms, with respect to the furnishings that will be used in the rooms.
  • An interior designer works directly with architects, builders and developers to help with the designs of the rooms which the architect has outlined for the homeowner.
  • The interior designer will have knowledge of local codes for safety, fire etc.


  • An interior decorator uses fabrics, shapes and sizes within a room to change the aesthetics and overall impressions of the room.
  • An interior decorator will advise the homeowner/architect on lighting, fabrics and structure of furnishings to express the lifestyle image of the client.
  • The interior decorator also relies on colors and immersing colors of walls, fabrics and furnishings to be in harmony with the image of the owner.

Both interior designers and interior decorators share these things in common.

  • They do research on what is available to meet the client’s impressions.
  • They both have to be creative. Creativity is what helps each get the contract over other competitors.
  • Both the interior designer and interior decorator have to have good communications skills and be organized.

The William C Huff Companies works with both interior designers and interior decorators from around the Country. They use the Our services because we also have great communications, are organized and efficient, and, we help them deliver the final project to the homeowner…on time, on budget and with no damages. This assures our designer clients a stress free experience from the early receiving, inspection and storing, right through the final installation.

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