Costa Rica – A Renewable Resource Landmark

Costa-Rica-renewable-geothermal-energy-889x592The beautiful country of Costa Rica has reached another benchmark in their quest to utilize only green energy sources: As of August 23rd of this year, they’ve gone 113 days generating all of its electricity from totally renewable resources.

With a goal of being totally carbon-neutral by 2021, Costa Rica is actively setting a precedent that if a state or country really wants to accomplish green energy generation, it can be done. While areas of South America have some geological advantages for going totally green, there are options available for areas without the same topography as Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has the benefit of plentiful river systems for hydropower systems, in drier areas around the globe options are wind energy, geothermal energy, solar and biofuels/bioenergy.

As Costa Rican citizens have seen a 12% drop in energy costs it’s been easy for them to get behind their national renewable energy movement.Arenal-lake-costa-rica-720x480

Hopefully the rest of us can take note of the success they’ve had so far and start implementing some of these practices in our own areas.

William C. Huff prides itself on using green energy, in November 2015 our 34,000-square-foot Naples warehouse is be cooled and powered by the sun.


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