Solar Moving To More Affordable Price Points!

As most things tech-related go, prices usually drop the longer any given technology has been around. Fortunately the same appears be holding true in the solar arena. According to a recent article on, the average price for solar technology has dropped a whopping 25% over the last five years. Some of this is due to incentivized programs and some is due to solar (and other renewable energy sources) being brought into areas with excellent sunlight averages. Abu Dhabi, for example, is able to produce more energy from the same panel used in New England as the sun is far stronger, so their return on investment is automatically better.

Are you interested in solar, but considering moving? Here are few very generic average solar prices around the country:

Chicago, IL – $3.49 per watt

San Diego, CA – $4.36 per watt

Seattle, WA – $3.00 – $5.00 per watt

Detroit, MI – $3.00 – $5.00 per watt

Boston, MA – $4.09 per watt

Myrtle Beach, SC – $4.03 per watt

Naples. FL – $4.49 per watt

Dallas, TX – $2.40

Phoenix, AZ – $2.40 per watt

PV Magazine reports that the average cost of solar across the country is now floating around $3.69 per watt. Texas ranked as the lowest cost for installation and New York topped the list at the highest cost. However, as solar becomes more and more prevalent the average prices will likely continue to drop.

According to, now could be the time for entrepreneurs and investors to start up their solar related businesses due to the plummeting solar costs. Have some amazing ideas on how to market and sell solar technology and equipment? Now might be the time to get things started!



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