How William C. Huff Companies is Giving Back This Year

The William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Company has been working with community needs for many years. Helping meet the needs of the local community is important because businesses are essential to helping them survive. This year it has been especially important to help these communities as they have been hit hard with fewer donations as a result of Covid-19. Here are a few ways that William C Huff has been giving back this year.

  • STORAGE – Many non-profits have small offices and sometimes have supplies and materials that need off-site storage. This can be very expensive and prevent them from having the supplies they need to support their cause. William C Huff Companies is giving back this year by offering free storage to several non-profits communities. The storage fees with self-storage facilities could exceed $750/month. William C Huff’s commitment to giving back this year, for storage, totals over $1500/month for local community organizations.
  • MOVING SERVICES – William C Huff Companies has been giving back this year by offering its moving services to non-profits who have to get things moved. The giving back this year of moving services has been more than $20,000.
  • TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS – This year William C Huff Companies will be giving toys for children who would not have gotten any toys for Christmas. For the past several years William C Huff Companies and its staff have collected toys to donate to a very poor community where migrant workers’ children would not have gotten any toys at Christmas time. It is always a great joy to know that children will have toys for Christmas.
  • ENVIRONMENT- The William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Companies will be giving back to our environment this year. Its commitment to clean energy and recycling is second to none in the country. Giving back this year to environment meant we reduced are carbon energy footprint by over 250,000 pounds of CO2 and recycled/reused more than 350,000 pounds of cardboard and wood material.

Giving back this year has been challenging for many businesses as we all have felt the impact of Covid-19. That is why it is so important to make extra efforts to give back. In the coming months/years this narrative is not likely to change. A pandemic of this size and magnitude will be affecting businesses and communities at unprecedented levels. Service businesses, travel and leisure businesses and many others are seeing tremendous surges in losses. These losses trickle down to less aid to non-profits who are also at unprecedented levels of needs; food banks, at-risk children, environmental groups, and many others have more needs than ever.

As long as William C Huff Companies is in business, these community needs will remain a priority. Giving back this year, as well as giving back next year, will continue to be part of the William C Huff business model.

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