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1. William C. Huff Team Portraits, Group & Action Shots
Photographer: Rael Aguilar Photography, taken 2017
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2. Naples Pier and beach in Florida USA sunny day
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3. Naples, Florida waterfront property
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4. Sandy Beach in Naples, Florida
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5. Taping packed product box
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6. Architects reviewing site documents
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7. Multi-generational family walking on the beach
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8. Customer shaking hands with builder
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9. Designer working with couple to design dream home
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10. Low Emissions Zone
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11. Room full of cardboard boxes
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12. Stack of cardboard boxes before assembly
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13. Business people meeting
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14. Real Estate agent to present the property
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15. For Sale sign in front of home
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16. Storage Unit
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17. Business men in meeting with coworkers
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18. Interior designer working table of color palette
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19. Dining room in modern house
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20. Piano in empty room
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21. Living room in modern house
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22. Butlers white glove
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23. New Hampshire forest
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