Checklist For Moving From Florida to California

If you are considering moving from Florida to California here are a few things to consider before moving.

  • You need to get rid of your plants. It is illegal to move plants across state lines and, if you try to smuggle a Florida lime tree into California you will have it confiscated at the California border.
  • Know if the furniture you have in Florida will actually fit into the home in California. Many homes in Southern California have very small rooms and narrow hallways, making it impossible to fit large furniture.
  • Check ahead for weather forecasts. Parts of California can be so varied that within a 100 mile radius there may be temperatures in the upper 90’s or, it could be snowing,
  • Be sure that you do not need a parking permit for your moving van. Some areas are very conjested and permits need to be obtained prior to the move in day.
  • If you hire a professional moving company, do ample research to make sure they are legitimate. Many on-line, Florida to California moving companies are just scams. Check with neighbors, your realtor and dig deep into on-line scam sites like “”, to make sure you are working with a legitimate company.

We hope this is helpful first steps to make your move from Florida to California a reality.


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