Reliable Movers Checklist

Reliable Movers Checklist

reliable movers checklist|
We receive the question often, what makes you reliable movers or "white glove movers", compared to other moving companies? Here is a checklist comparison and a series of questions to ask when evaluating movers for you and your family.
Professionally Trained –art and wine handling by top professionals in the US � Often Are “Third” Partied – Job Is Sold to Another Company
Tenured Staff – average staff has over 10 years with us Rely On Sales Team to “Sell” Jobs – Paid a 8-10% Commission
100% Satisfaction Guarantee Promise Lowest Rates
Over 100 Years In Business Often Will Charge More Than the Quoted Estimate and Hold Load “Hostage” Until Higher Rate is Paid
No Registered Complaints With Regulatory Agencies High Turnover Of Movers – Average Tenure is less than 6 Months
On Time Almost Always Show Up Late For Pickup/Delivery – Sometimes Days/Weeks From Scheduled Dates
Full Support Staff – Client relationship liaison, full-time warehouse staff, etc. Many Movers Are “Contracted” Labor – Means No Workers Comp…Homeowner is Liable for Injury
Warehouse 100% Solar/negative carbon footprint Commercial Space is Very Expensive So, Many Companies Do Not Have Their Own Storage
On Budget No Support Staff, Just a “Dispatcher”
Staff is Fully Vetted and Highly Trained Before Going Into the Field Often Not Licensed and Not Their Own Vehicles
“Clients” Not Customers – Clients are for life, customers are “one and done” No Professional Training
No Sales Staff – We don’t “sell” moves Will Not Follow-Through on Damage Claims
Staff Are Fully Covered with Workers Comp Damages Very Common
Fully Licensed with All Regulatory Agencies Always Multiple Filed Complaints With BBB and Other Regulatory Agencies
No “Third Party” Selling of Jobs Price is Number One Selling Point
All Jobs Have “Senior” Staff Leader Rely Mostly on “Non-Repeat” Business
Never Use Temporary Labor Not Concerned About Environment
Always Uniformed, Neat and Clean Pay Low Wages to Movers
Do Not Need to Rely On Price to Get Business Offer Few, If Any, Benefits
98% Repeat and Direct Referral
Does Not Rely on High Advertising to Get Business
Highest Paid Staff in the Industry
Complete Benefits Packages For Tenured Staff

Reliable MoversSo, what does all this mean? First of all, it is easy to see that a William C Huff team is considerably more experienced and trained. Next is that there is ZERO liability to the home owner when our staff is at their residence. In the unlikely event that a worker is injured while on a homeowner’s property, there is the potential that the person will file a claim against the homeowners’ insurance policy and, that the insurance will settle because there is no workers comp to subrogate to. Having an unlicensed and uninsured worker of any nature in one’s home is not a good idea, especially if those workers are carrying heavy objects that could cause an injury.

Experience & Investment in Staff Makes for Reliable Movers

Since the William C Huff staff has an average of more than 10 years’ experience, there is less likelihood for damages to occur. For example, if a couch gets torn or a table gets scratched then there is the hassle of trying to get it repaired and, trying to get the moving company to pay for it (always stressful and unsatisfying). Since damages are very rare with William C Huff, it is never a problem to take care of the issue promptly and without complications.

Ultimately, when considering who to choose for handling your household possessions, it should not be primarily based on “competitive” price, especially in this fast paced, no accountability society where companies have to be so competitive that they cannot possibly compete without compromising significant quality of service. Reputation, experience and a 100% satisfaction guarantee is only offered by the William C Huff Companies because it consistently has been delivering exceptional experiences for over 105 years. Although we usually cannot be the “best competitive price”, we can always deliver more than what our clients normally expect....we guarantee it. We hope this checklist is helpful if you are looking to make a move soon.

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Posted by Jim Henderson

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