3 Things to Know Before Moving to New Hampshire

Many Americans are choosing to move to New Hampshire because it is a tax-free state, it has beautiful scenery and it has very a low crime rate. Retiring baby boomers from NY, MA and CT like having a summer home in NH and a winter home in the Carolinas or in Florida. Since there are no state income taxes in either Florida or New Hampshire, there is a financial reason for having homes in these two states. Here are three things to know before moving to New Hampshire.

  • The Old Man of The Mountain no longer is a tourist attraction. Yes, it’s true, the “Old Man of The Mountain” had a major facelift several years ago and well, the face is now gone. Over many years of holding this iconic landmark together with large steel rods, it finally gave into mother nature. Each year, as water seeped into cracks in the granite façade and froze, the expanding ice finally pushed the entire face off the side of the mountain.
  • New Hampshire has the shortest ocean shoreline of any US coastal state. Before hauling your sailboat all the way to NH, it is important to know there is very limited coastline where people can launch your sailboat. It is only 13 miles long and there are only a few harbors that people can use to anchor sailboats.
  • Make sure to hire an experienced moving company. When moving to New Hampshire you need to know your moving company has the experienced staff required to professionally handle you household treasures. Hiring the wrong company can result in a very negative experience with damages, costly delays, lost items and unexpected overcharges.

William C Huff Companies has moved many families from as far away as California, Oregon, Washington and Montana to New Hampshire. With over 300 years of combined experience and some staff tenured for over 32 years, William C Huff Companies provides the absolute best service for moves into New Hampshire.

One of the side benefits of Covid19 is that now, the Company can do virtual estimates for anyone, anywhere. Having done hundreds of them now the process and accuracy has been perfected so our clients have no surprises on moving day.