Moving a Piano Yourself? Don’t Try (moving a piano yourself)

Many people who buy pianos don’t realize that once it is delivered by the company they bought it from, moving it themselves is very difficult. Unlike a large bedroom dresser or a living room couch, moving a piano requires the right equipment and, experience. Moving that piano yourself is something you definitely should not try to do. Here’s why:

  • Upright pianos have wheels under them and these wheels are not designed to be rolled on conventional floors. In fact, they will leave permanent marks in any wooden floors. Why these wheels are not designed for using is a question I have had for 30 years. However, the upright piano needs to be lifted onto a special “piano dolly” and then strapped to the dolly, before moving. And, with very soft wooden floors, plywood panels should be put down to prevent marking the floors.
  • Moving any type of grand piano, ones with three legs, by yourself is totally not something you should try. These pianos, often weighing close to 800 or more pounds, need to have experienced movers to move them. The legs need to come off and the piano needs to be carefully “tipped” onto a special piano “board” that is padded and has straps top hold it. Once strapped to the board it is then lifted onto a piano dolly and rolled to where it needs to go. Reassembling the legs and lyre are also something to be done by a professional piano mover.

moving a pianoSo, if you are contemplating buying a piano remember that you will likely need to pay for it to be moved whenever you need to move it. This is an expense that many piano buyers do not consider, when buying a piano. And definitely do not try and move it yourself. Risking damage and possible back injuries is not worth the risk.



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