Why Private Storage is Going to Boom in the 2020’s

private storageAs more than 100 million North Americans age over the next 20 years, they’ll need to sell their homes and move into smaller quarters. In doing this they will need to redistribute generations worth of collected household furnishings. It is estimated that there could be as much as $100 trillion worth of possessions and many homeowners won’t be able to part with all these items right away. This means they’ll need to find storage for a large portion of their homes furnishings until they can figure out what to do with them.

The demand for storage will boom as more and more baby boomers retire and downsize their homes. Currently, self-storage facilities are popping up everywhere. The problem with self-storage, however, is that many homeowners are older and do not have the physical ability to move their own things into storage. This is why private storage will boom in the 2020’s.

Private storage is storage that professional moving and storage companies maintain to service their homeowner clients. Private storage has significant advantages over self-storage. Here are a few key reasons why private storage will boom in the 2020’s.

  • CONVENIENCE – Older, downsizing homeowners will be able to make one call and have both their moving and storage needs taken care of. Most professional moving and storage companies also can provide packing and crating services as well.
  • LOGISICS SPECIALISTS – With many items in the home being tagged for being distributed to family members, a professional moving and storage company can assist with getting those items shipped from their own private storage facility. Again, one call can help take care of all of the details.
  • SECURITY – Probably most important to downsizing older homeowners is the security of private storage. Since only the moving company has access to the private storage facility, there is little risk for loss/theft of items of value
  • CLIMATE CONTROLLED – Most private storage facilities (warehouses) are climate controlled and constantly monitored for humidity and dryness. This will assure that valuable art, antiques and heirlooms have the right environment to protect their value, particularly for longer periods of time.

William C Huff Companies has secure, climate controlled private storage for antiques, heirlooms, art works and wine. With state-of-the-art perimeter security and sensitive motion detection, video surveillance and data security with multi-layered encryption, all homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable items are safe and secure. And since William C Huff Companies has experienced and professionally trained “white glove staff,” all of their packing, crating and logistics needs can be taken care of with just one call.










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