3 Ways We Keep Private Estates Private

Private estates are large homes owned by wealthy families and/or celebrities who prefer to remain anonymous. The constant attention from the media brings attention to the general public about where they live. This can often lead to harassing photographers, fans and news reporters, who just want to get an opportunity to rub elbow with the rich and famous. Keeping these private estates private is very challenging. Here are a few  of the ways that private families keep their private estates private.
private estate

  • Recognize the estate through an established LLC. This pretty much makes it impossible to trace the actual homeowner back to estate. An LLC company can keep the family name off the public records, making it virtually impossible to get information about the owner.
  • Hiring trusted and vetted staff. An astute private homeowner knows that their estate privacy is the number one priority when hiring staff to manage the home. Staff members need to sign waivers of confidentiality that forbid them from discussing who they work for, outside of the home.
  • Using only highly vetted service providers. Any service provider who works in a private estate needs to be aware of the need for privacy by the homeowner. Not all employees of service providers understand the proper protocols when working in a private estate. Businesses who know the need to keep the private estate owners’ privacy will train all their staff in how to keep their privacy: no use of cell phones, no talking to friends and family about the estate owner and no posts in social media, all help keep the private estate owners’ private.

William C Huff Companies have been working in private estates now for over 25 years. All of the staff are extensively trained in privacy protocols to insure that our private estate owners’ are kept private. Above is a few of the obvious protocols.

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