Average Cross Country Moving Costs

When shopping for a cross country mover, most homeowners will get 3-4 quotes and compare. Not all cross country moving companies are the same. There are a few things to consider when getting cross country moving quotes.

Typically homeowners will get a fairly high quote and then a quote that is just ridiculously low. Many homeowners will pick the quote that is in the middle. This may seem logical but, if the highest quote is actually an “average” quote, going with the middle quote can be disastrous.

Here is a guideline for figuring out what and average cross country move should cost.

Since most companies use weight as the deciding factor for pricing, it can be a good guideline for getting average costs.

Cross Country Moving Costs

  • The national average move is actually about 7,400 lbs. and is $4300 for a distance of 1225 miles. This works out to $3.51/mile so, a move from NY City to Los Angles, which is 2800 miles, would be around $9800.
  • Less weight would be a fractional multiplier of the 7,400 lbs. For example, 3700 lbs to Los Angles would be approximately $4900 and, 14,800 lbs. would be around $19,600.

Using these guidelines can help to see where your quote is with relationship to other quotes. Of course, these quotes do not include: packing, insurances and or other extra services. Usually the packing costs are added in on an hourly rate, plus materials. Always ask for additional valuation insurance, in the unlikely event of an accident.

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