Five Ways William C. Huff is The Best Mover in New England

In anything in life, it is always hard to say that you are “the best” at something. Often this is up to opinion, like “the world’s best cup of coffee” or “the best key-lime pie in the world.” In sports it is a little easier; The fastest 100-meter dash, highest pole-vault or longest long-jump are more quantitative.

In the moving and storage business, one might say that being the best is a matter of opinion. In many cases this would be true however, when it comes to William C Huff Companies, there are 5 ways that they stand out as the “Best Mover in New England”. Here they are.

1) Never a Better Business Bureau complaint.

In business since 1908 and still not one Better Business Bureau complaint. This is something that the staff at William C Huff take a lot of pride in. With over 30,000 moves over the years and not ever one registered complaint is a feat that no other mover can boast, let alone any business of more than 110 years!

2) Tenured staff.

In any business, having experience always outweighs price and even technology. Most movers in New England are lucky to have staff for more than a few years. The business is hard labor and many people will move on because the pay isn’t that great and usually there are few benefits.

Since taking the small two-man company over in 1988, Jim Henderson has made it priority number one to help make a career for the hard-working staff at William C Huff Companies. In New England, the average tenure of its’ 25 plus full-time staff is more than 12 years. In fact, there are several staff members with 28 or more years and some have been with the company for 33 years. This creates a moving experience for homeowners in New England that is second to none.

3) Best equipment

By constantly replacing older, worn out equipment with the newest, energy efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, William C Huff Companies is far beyond the average New England mover, when it comes to equipment. Having dependable and reliable vehicles, the staff is always on-time for their clients’ move and, the equipment always looks great.

4) Professional training

Most New England movers learn on-the-job, how to move things. Often the learning curve means a damaged antique or delicate heirloom. With so many tenured and, professionally trained staff, William C Huff Companies has its new staff members train with those who know the proper techniques and skills of the trade, minimizing damages and, keeping zero customer complaints!

5) Personal, customized service.

No two homeowners have the same things or needs in their homes. In fact, every single move is unique and, at William C Huff, the trained and tenured staff treat each and every homeowner as if they are the only client they have. This specialized and boutique service is unheard of in the New England moving world. Making every one of its 30,000 plus moves customized for every individual client is a trademark that no movers in New England (or in the US) can claim.

Sure, William C Huff Companies isn’t perfect; nothing ever is. However, with its commitment to the details and commitment to the tenured staff, the experience of moving with William C Huff Companies is easily the very best in New England.

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