Why We Made Additions To Our Fleet During a Pandemic

reliable moversDuring this Covid19 pandemic many businesses have cut back on staff, spending and production. Many are trying to “wait it out” and simply survive. In contrast, William C Huff Companies has hired more people, increased budgets for digital transformation and have even invested in our fleet of trucks. Here are some reasons why we have made additions to our fleet, during the Covid19 pandemic.

  • Cleaner Emissions. Some of the trucks in our fleet are older and less efficient than the newer vehicles. Our commitment to the environment is as strong as ever so, adding to our fleet during this pandemic is the right thing to do.
  • We pride ourselves in having the nicest fleet of vehicles and over time these vehicles do get worn out, giving a different image to our clients. Having new, pristine looking vehicles is important to William C Huff Companies.
  • We Are Growing. We began a digital marketing campaign a few years ago and the hard work and investment of money is beginning to really show with more and more new leads for clients. Keeping up with this increased demand is requiring more trucks to be added to our fleet. In fact, there are five vehicles on order right now.
  • Strengthen The Economy. Now, more than ever, it is important to support as many American businesses as possible. By adding to our fleet during the Covid19 pandemic, we helping to keep people employed.

We are very thankful and blessed that our business is growing during a time when many businesses are struggling. We are doing everything thing we can to remain positive and to show our resolve to always be there for our hard working staff and our incredible clients.

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