5 Ways To Simplify Relocating to Florida

As many Americans age, they consider relocating from their cold Northern homes to be in sunny, warm Florida. Whether a homeowner is in Chicago, IL or in New York, NY, relocating to Florida has become one of homeowner’s first choices. Here are five ways to simplify, when relocating to Florida.

Relocating to Florida Considerations

  • Downsize your existing home. The purpose of downsizing when relocating to Florida is to weed out items which will not be used again. The types of homes are very different and that means the furnishings are different. Sending older, more traditional furniture to a warmer, more open-concept lifestyle is not a good idea. Many people who chose to not rid themselves of these items will end up giving those items away, just months after having them shipped from up North.
  • Do not get tempted to have a yard sale. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, one man’s junk is not always another man’s treasure! (Not these days, anyway!) With so many people downsizing and relocating to Florida there just is no demand for many older homeowners’ “junk.” The time and effort to organize a yard sale is a lot of time that can be spent on all the details which surrounds relocating to Florida.
  • “When in doubt, throw it out!” This has been a William C Huff moniker for many years. This simple rule makes the process of weeding out much easier. One of our rules is that if you have to stop to think for a few minutes or more to figure out if you need to keep something, then you likely can live without it. This can help simplify your life when relocating to Florida.
  • Rent (don’t buy) for the first year. When relocating to Florida, there are many, many areas to move to but not all are the same. Florida is very different (weather wise) in the North than in the South. Winters can see days in the 30’s in Northern Florida, whereas Miami and Naples rarely get temperatures below the 50’s. If it is possible to rent for a season in any particular part of Florida, the homeowner will not be tied to a home or area that they don’t want to stay in.
  • Chose an experienced moving and storage company. There are a lot of moving and storage companies to chose from, when relocating to Florida. Many on-line ads advertise “flat rate” or “guaranteed rate,” but these are deceiving. When relocating to Florida, a homeowner should chose to work with a well trusted company that is honest and fair with the expectations for moving to Florida. It is important to think of your moving and storage company to be your “trusted advisor” who will help guide you through the many details surrounding your relocation to Florida.

William C Huff Companies has been a trusted advisor for thousands and thousands of homeowners who choose to relocate to Florida. From Chicago to NY to Boston, homeowners have learned to trust William C Huff Companies to help simplify their lives, when relocating to Florida. Experienced, highly trained staff, state of the art facilities and vehicles and the latest technology for logistics, makes relocating to Florida simple, easy, and fun.