How Does Historical Data Help WCH Help Me?

historical dataIt is said that “Data is tomorrow’s new currency” because with the assistance of computer
analytics, data can help businesses be more efficient by saving costs, time and resources. In today’s competitive digital market, historical data is becoming the lifeblood for businesses who want to succeed. One thing about historical data is that companies who keep accurate data records will be able to provide a more predictable and positive experience for their clients. William C Huff Companies has been keeping historical data on its clients for almost 31 years. This data is critical to helping us know what is trending for the future needs of our clients. Together with statistical data found from the US Census Bureau, we have been able to project what our clients need, before they know they need it. Here are a few ways that our historical data has helped William C Huff Companies help their clients with a better client experience.

    For almost 25 of the last 31 years, William C Huff Companies has been able to trace the clients they have moved and have seen steady increases in the size of the moves for their repeat clients and of clients of certain age and demographics. This helped to predict the need for better training, more experienced staff and more trucks and infrastructure. The transitions into bigger and bigger homes was easily accommodated and homeowners were able to experience stress free moves, anywhere in the country. The census reports for 1990, 2000, and 2010 helped William C Huff Companies to gear up for the on-coming upsizing that prospering baby boomers were doing. As a result of using historical data and census statistics, larger warehouses, more staff and more vehicles were planned for and kept everyone’s needs met.
    Just six years ago Jim Henderson, the owner of William C Huff Companies, spoke at a national estate manager’s conference on the up-coming phenomenon known as “Household Downsizing.” The concept of downsizing hadn’t struck a nationwide chord at that point, but many people at the conference were already familiar with it having experienced it with their aging parents. Historical data at William C Huff Companies matched with the 2010 US Census Bureau statistics showed that a large percentage of the U.S. population would begin a massive shedding of homes and physical household assets. For more than six years now, William C Huff Companies has been proactive with helping their downsizing homeowners understand how difficult and time-consuming the process is. Having historical data that helps us project what our clients will be going through has made the process of downsizing less time-consuming and it saves our clients money, over time.
    Many companies in the moving and storage industry (who don’t rely on historical data) use old, out of date formulas for calculating the costs for their services. Consequently, quite often a clients’ final moving and storage bill is significantly different that the estimate that was given to them. With William C Huff Companies’ detailed historical data on every move for 30 years, we can accurately assess and estimate the scope of work and give honest, accurate estimates. This is helpful in helping our clients budget for their moving and storage and not be caught with hidden costs.

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