A Simple, Efficient New Hampshire Moving Checklist

You’ve found your new dream home and you’ve put your old home on the market.  Guess what’s next?  Yup, it’s time to hire movers and get your belongings from your old home to your new home.  This can be a scary, overwhelming process, but we here at William C. Huff Moving and Storage are here to make the process a little easier and more efficient, even if you are doing the move yourself!  Follow along with our simple, efficient moving checklist and you’ll find the process easier than you could have ever imagined!

  • Let’s face it, we live in New England and we all have basements. Most of us either do not dare look or couldn’t begin to know what is actually down there.  Sort, sort, sort.  When you’re moving, time is money, and the more time you or movers spend moving belongings you don’t want or need, the more money you spend.  Go through all of your belongings and thin out the ones that you haven’t seen or used in the last 6 months.  Not only will it save you some money in the long run, decluttering can be a wonderful stress-release and will make you laugh when you realize how much stuff you don’t need!
  • Once you’ve decided which items you want to bring to your new home, it’s important to have a plan as to where to put the new items. Take some time and do a mock layout of your new home before hand, that way you aren’t moving your items around too many times.
  • Don’t forget your change of address forms! There’s nothing worse than missing important mail because it has been sent to your old home!  Same goes with utilities, don’t forget to update your accounts when you move.
  • Children and pets are extremely important to the family dynamic and moving can also be a stressful time for them. New school, new furniture layouts, new backyard bathroom, etc… all can throw both children and pets for a major loop. If you are moving with us, ask us for some child boxes that can be colored and then packed by the children, make your children feel part of the moving process!  As for the day of the move, typically it is not the best idea to have children or pets present.  Movers know how to execute their job with stunning efficiency and speed, and it is important to keep halls and rooms clear for them to work.  As much as we love petting Fido and talking to Charlie about his favorite baseball players, we are at your home to provide you a service both expeditiously and efficiently.
  • NH MoverFinally, if you are hiring a professional moving company, ask people you know who have used the service. Online reviews can be helpful but you never really know who is filling them out.  People that have used companies often can tell you the best and worst about a company.  Also, rely on your realtor for good advice.  Most moving companies work with realtor’s day in and day out and they know the good from the bad.  Do your due diligence, everyone has read moving horror stories but not everyone has to experience them.

So, there it is, some simple moving checklist tips to help make your process a little smoother.  As always, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have.  You can also reach us through our website, or in our New Hampshire office at 800-247-5564.  Please do not hesitate to ask us for help.

Happy Friday!

Rich from NH


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