Support Friends of Foster Children Forever This Holiday

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We miss you Joel!

Many of us are very familiar with the term, “During these difficult times” as it pertains to our current Covid-19 situation. During this holiday season, many of us are trying to make the most of this holiday season by keeping safe, minimizing travel and taking all precautions. It will be difficult for many of us who are used to traveling and being with loved ones. However, there is a group of children who are going through a much more difficult time than ever. These are foster children. Foster children often rely on outside support systems to help them with tutoring, basic living needs and even getting Christmas gifts for their siblings, who often are in other foster homes.

The non-profit community group, Friends of Foster Children Forever, in Collier County, is in an especially difficult time now because, not only is it harder to get personal, one-on-one tutoring done, much of their independent funding has slowed down as more and more people tighten their belts for the next predicted shut-down. This leaves many foster children with little hope for a Merry Christmas and, less hope to see their beloved tutors and mentors. Donations for Friends of Foster Children Forever are down significantly and needs our help to make sure these highly at-risk children can have a good holiday this year.

Last year, (pre-Covid-19), Friends of Foster Children Forever provided needs for over 1200 children. This year that number is significantly less. Also, only 50% of foster children finish high school, while the median average is 84%, giving foster children the lowest graduation rate of any socio-economic group in the US. Over the past few years, with academic mentoring support from Friends of Foster Children Forever, several children have not only been able to graduate but, have gone on to post-secondary schools.

To learn how you can support Friends of Foster Children Forever this Holiday Season, go to: Friends of Foster Children Forever – Friends of Foster Children Forever, Inc

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