The Future Is Here With Moving Tech

Technology is progressing at unprecedented speed as computers get faster and faster. People today want to have as much information as possible at their fingertips. Homeowners who anticipate moving also want accurate and up to date information about their possessions which need to be moved and stored. The future of moving tech is now here for the moving and storage industry. Here is how the William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Company has brought moving tech to its clients.

  • Digital inventory control – The William C Huff Companies have helped develop state of the art software that will enable them to easily identify household items’ condition, location and even appraised value. This will help homeowners to decide what they may want to keep, donate or give to family or charities.
  • Encrypted cyber security – With 5G computer speed, cyber crime is become more common. Without sophisticated encrypted security, homeowners’ data at a service provider’s computer is at risk. William C Huff Companies has invested in moving tech that secures all data stored in their computers and on their servers. Clients who submit data through the William C Huff Companies’ websites can also be assured that their data is secure and won’t wind up in the wrong hands.
  • Sustainability – The future of our environment depends on companies making investments in technology that lowers our carbon footprint. Moving industry technology has evolved with advanced emission controls for vehicles which significantly reduce carbon emissions. William C Huff Companies has invested in the latest moving trucks with the best technology on reducing carbon emissions. Also, moving tech has helped the company responsibly reuse and recycle millions of pounds of cardboard and wood crating material over the past five years.

As moving tech continues to advance, William C Huff Companies will invest so that their clients will have seamless, sustainable and stress free moving experiences.

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