Why Using Uhaul Moving to Move to Florida Is Not Cheap and Efficient

With so many people using do-it-yourself rental trucks to move to Florida these days, the cost for one-way rentals have skyrocketed. The reason for this is that these rental trucks have to have a driver fly down from the northern United States to drive them back to where they came from. Depending on what city and state in the north the rental truck dealership is, the one-way costs can exceed $5000. With gas, insurance, pad rental, hotels and meals, the “cheap” do it yourself move option is now more expensive than considering using a reliable professional moving company to move your items.

uhaul movingHer are 3 reasons why people renting their own trucks to move to Florida, should consider hiring William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Company.

  • Don’t need to beg family and friends to help. Let’s face it, whenever a family member or friend says they are moving we all start coming up with excuses why we will not be able to help out. “I have a root canal”, “My in-laws are in town”, or “I just hurt my back at work” are some things we come up with to avoid being asked to give up a weekend of hard labor. Moving to Florida is even more of a major commitment.
  • Reliable trucks. Renting your own truck to move to Florida is a risky decision. With God knows who behind the wheel before you get the keys, there are no guarantees the rental truck is going to make it the 1500 plus miles from New England. Being in the business we are trained to look for broken down moving trucks beside the road. Popular rental trucks like U Haul, Ryder, Penske, and Budget are trucks we often see being towed.
  • It may actually be less expensive to hire WCH, versus renting. With many octogenarians wanting to move some personal items back North to be with family members, William C Huff Companies is finding the demand to go north with small loads increasing. Coming back with an empty truck does not help pay for fuel and labor so, they are now able to offer very reasonable rates for families who are thinking of renting a truck for moving to Florida.

Having highly trained, professional movers and reliable trucks to help get your household items from New England to Florida is an option most homeowners would consider, if the price is not too egregious. Homeowners considering renting a U Haul to move to Florida will need to get friends and family to help load, find someone in Florida to help unload, possibly fly someone back north, have to rent hotels for a few nights, drive in heavy traffic, and will end up spending more than $6500 to move a truckload of furnishings to Florida. Hiring the William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Company, when they have an empty truck in New England, can cost less than this and, save your backs, friendships, and have a stress free move.

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