5 Reasons Chicago's Elite Designers Choose America's Most Reliable Delivery Service

5 Reasons Chicago's Elite Designers Choose America's Most Reliable Delivery Service

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Chicago’s most elite designers know that choosing the right white glove delivery service for their High Net Worth clients’ new home is essential. From receiving the custom furnishings to the “open and inspect” to the storage and final installation, the entire process of outfitting the contents of large estates has to go flawlessly.

Elite Designers and High Net Worth Clients Expectations

  1. RECEIVE AND INSPECTReceiving and delivery staff inspect incoming crate full of household items | William C. Huff Companies - Moving & Storage The William C Huff Company has staff with an average of over 12 years’ experience in the industry. Elite designers rely on experienced staff to carefully unwrap, inspect and store the one of a kind, custom designed furnishings that they create for their clients’ homes. Often these pieces take months or years to create and, any flaw or damage needs to be detected and properly mitigated, before the final installation. � � � � (high res picture of staff inspecting furniture)
  2. STORAGEclimate controlled storage near me Once the designers’ custom furnishings are carefully inspected they need to be responsibly and carefully put into storage racks to await the eventual inspection. Storage could be needed for several months to over a year so, it is important that the storage is clean, neat and temperature controlled.
  3. � EXPERIENCEReliable movers It is important to Chicago elite designers that the delivery company they hire has experienced staff. This eliminates disastrous mistakes which lead to damage during the installation process. Custom furnishings often are large, awkward and can be tremendously heavy. Experience is the only way to minimize potential risks.
  4. PROFESSIONALThe last piece to the newly constructed or renovated home is the final installation of the furnishings. It is the last impression the homeowner will have of their elite designer’s work. Having inexperienced and/or unprofessional looking installers is not the impression Chicago designers want� to leave with their new homeowner.
  5. ON BUDGET Chicago’s elite designers rely on William C Huff Company to maintain a budget that fits the project and all its’ needs. The William C Huff Company has over 100 years of consistently providing exceptional service at the budgeted amount for all of its’ many thousands of projects.

Elite Designer Services America Coverage Map

Elite Designer Services Coverage Map
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