Appraisals and Downsizing. How The Two Go Hand in Hand

Appraisals and Downsizing. How The Two Go Hand in Hand

appraisals and downsizing

For many years homeowners have had appraisals done for items they need to insure above and beyond normal homeowners’ contents insurance. Now, as close to 80 million Americans make decisions to downsize, they will need to find appraisers who can do certified appraisals for items they may want to donate. With a certified appraisal, homeowners will get maximum tax advantage for household goods which they no longer will need.

The William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Company has been helping downsizing homeowners for years to connect with appraisers who can get certified appraisals for their unwanted household items. Making the process of downsizing easier is what we do to help appraisals and downsizing simpler for our valued clients. William C Huff Companies can also make all the arrangements to get those appraised items to the donation centers that homeowners choose to donate to.

Posted by Jim Henderson

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