America’s Most Reliable Movers Also Help You Move Green

America’s Most Reliable Movers Also Help You Move Green

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I was asked recently how much of an impact our solar system, on our warehouse, makes to the environment? Since we have a daily monitor of this, I refer people to our solar site, so they could see for themselves. The site,� - under William C Huff Solar, gives a daily and cumulative analysis of our carbon savings over the past 2 ½ years. To date we have produced over 374 million watts of power and have reduced our carbon emissions by over 224 tons of CO2. Staff member building a small crate - packing and crating services in our climate controlled storage facility | William C. Huff Companies - Moving & Storage

Here is how William C Huff Helps You Move Green

I wanted to put this in terms of what we do for the environment, whenever we do a move for a client. By dividing our average number of moves per year into the 224 tons, I came up with some great facts. For every average move the William C Huff Companies does we:
  • Eliminate 302 pounds of CO2
  • We save 22 gallons of gas
  • Charge 10.6 cell phones
  • Save 13 trees
sustainable movingIn addition to what our solar system saves in CO2, our reuse and recycle of cardboard, boxes and wooden crates saves:
  • 32 pounds of cardboard from being thrown out
  • 36 boxes being reused
  • 65 pounds of wood crates being reused
When scheduling a move and/or storage with America’s most reliable moving company, William C Huff Company, homeowners can feel good about helping our fragile environment. Move green!

Our Move Green Coverage Map

Move Green Coverage Map
Posted by Jim Henderson

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