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We assist builders to safely pack, store and reinstall valuables.


Builders' reputations are built on those around them.

When a luxury home builder or re-modeler takes on a job to help design and build a dream home, they are being entrusted with the prospective new homeowners’ most prized possession, their home. More often than not it is more than just a home they are building but more of a life changing dream that the person has had for many years. The process of having every vendor on board and capable of meeting the details, will be the ultimate expression of the homeowners’ vision.

We provide moving and storage services to builders and architects | William C. Huff Companies - Moving & Storage


We moving & storage services to builders and architects | William C. Huff Companies - Moving & Storage

Remodeling a home or condominium requires a special set of talents for the builder. Creating a whole new look within an existing space is more of a challenge than it is to just build from scratch. Furthermore, the builder is often faced with assisting the homeowner with moving out the existing contents until the remodel is complete. Choosing the wrong company to pack, move, store and reinstall the furniture can leave the homeowner with bad feelings for the builder. They want everything to be just as it was before the remodel, no damages and certainly no damage to the new construction.

William C. Huff Companies has assisted thousands of builders with getting the contents safely packed, stored and reinstalled. From complete household remodels to just a few rooms, the staff has many years of experience.

Builders who do remodeling are always working within a budget and it may or may not include the safe removal of furnishings that would be in the way of the contractors. Depending on the size of the remodel and value of the furnishings, there should be an allowance for removal of furnishings.

William C. Huff staff understands the need to stay on budget and often times can make cost savings recommendations to the builder. During a partial remodel, some items may be able to be stored safely on site. However, during a total remodel we almost always recommend removing all items from the site. All too often the Company is asked to remove items in the middle of a remodel, which were just placed in the middle of rooms with sheets over them. In many cases there has already been damage to furnishings which were in the way of the contractors.

When a home or condo is being remodeled many times a designer is involved with the architect and new furnishings are selected. So, in addition to needing items moved out of the home, a place has to be established to receive the new furniture.

William C. Huff Companies works side by side with the builder, architect and designer to simplify the logistics for all aspects of the remodel. We can receive and inspect the new furnishings, pack and remove the existing items and even make items available for reupholstering, rug cleaning and reinstall and unpack everything and the end of the remodel.

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